Right to Bear Arms


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Right To Bear is an elite self-defense association that includes firearm legal protection, support, training, along with many other great resources. Our association not only offers legal protection but also numerous resources to secure your peace of mind!

  • Civil Defense
  • Criminal Defense
  • All states in the United States except NY, NJ and Washington
  • Psychology Support
  • Expert Witness Defense
  • Gun Replacement
  • Negligent Discharge
  • Self Defense Training Videos
  • Discount To Industry Partners
  • Spousal Coverage*
  • Minor Children Defense*
  • Multi State Coverage*
  • Bail Bond Coverage ($100,000 max)*
  • 24/7 Attorney Answered Hotline
  • Basics to Handgun Safety Guide
  • Concealed Carry Reciprocity Maps
  • Concealed Carry Laws by State
  • Monthly Legal Newsletter

Right to Bear

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Right to Bear

The best way to avoid a self-defense incident is to Prepare, Educate and Train in the event one of life's hardest days.

Right to Bear Arms
Right to Bear Arms


Here are five of the most important reasons why having self-defense coverage can be crucial:

1. Personal Safety:
Self-defense protection is primarily about safeguarding your personal safety. In situations where you may be threatened or attacked, having the skills and tools to defend yourself can mean the difference between escaping unharmed and becoming a victim. Your personal safety should always be a top priority.

2. Empowerment:
Learning self-defense techniques and having self-defense tools empowers individuals to take control of their safety. This empowerment not only increases your confidence but also allows you to feel more secure and less vulnerable in potentially dangerous situations.

3. Deterrence:
Self-defense protection can act as a deterrent to potential assailants. Criminals are less likely to target someone they perceive as capable of defending themselves. Carrying self-defense tools or having knowledge of self-defense techniques can make you a less attractive target.

4. Unforeseen Threats:
Life is unpredictable, and you may encounter unexpected threats or dangerous situations. Having self-defense skills or tools can help you respond effectively in moments of crisis, whether it's a physical altercation, an attempted assault, or a home invasion.

5. Personal Responsibility:
Taking steps to protect yourself is a form of personal responsibility. It's important to recognize that law enforcement and others may not always be immediately available to provide protection. Being prepared and taking your safety into your own hands is a responsible and proactive approach to personal security.

While self-defense protection is important, it's also essential to understand the legal aspects and ethical considerations surrounding its use. Proper training, knowledge of the law, and a commitment to using self-defense techniques or tools responsibly are crucial components of ensuring that self-defense protection is effective and lawful. Learn how you can Protect With BearTM click below to become a member.

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