AI Remote Monitoring


Secure2ware has established a partnership with a third party Live Remote Guard Monitoring service to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence for analyzing and detecting movements within a camera's field of view.


This advanced integration is designed to deter mischief and proactively respond to potential threats.


Our 24/7 Live Remote Security Specialist Solutions have undergone rigorous testing, demonstrating their efficacy in reducing crime and enhancing safety by incorporating techniques employed by both the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security.




    The system will be programmed to operate at your requested monitoring hours- typically overnight or after business hours. When an intrusion is detected during this time, The remote Guard security system will incorporate infrared lights and pre-recorded or live audio messages to warn the intruder.


    Remote Doorman

    A virtual guard checks guests and employees into a gated area or an unmanned lobby. The Doorman will check and confirm a person's information and allow them access if they meet the requirements.


    Lone Worker Assistance

    Remote guard that will check on lone workers at predetermined time to ensure their safety. A panic button is used if the lone worker feels threatened or needs assistance.