Smart Entrance Solutions

Welcome to S2W Security, where we are proud to offer Goutru's Smart Entrance Solutions to our valued customers.

We are excited to assist you with everything Goutru!

Goutru is a premier cloud-based solution specifically designed for gated communities.

Our mission is to provide a seamless experience for residents, visitors, guards, and administrators while maintaining top-tier security.

About Goutru

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Goutru is a simplified Cloud-based suite of solutions to manage, Visitors & Access control integrated with Cameras to benefit residential and commercial communities to make it easier for residents, guests, and managers to stay safe together.

Goutru makes the entrance to residences smoother, faster, and more efficient.



Intended for Gated Communities, Condos and Rental Communities looking to be the best host!

Simon Carreno, Co-Founder

Smart entrance solutions

Our state-of-the-art software allows residents to send custom QR code invitations directly from their mobile app to vendors and guests. These QR codes can be shown to the guard at your community's gate or scanned using one of our advanced intercoms, ensuring secure and efficient access. Residents receive notifications via SMS, email, or in-app alerts after each entry, greatly reducing wait times at the gate. Our intercoms feature cutting-edge capabilities, including two-way video calls, pin code access, and more.

  • smart intercomsSmart Intercoms

    Smart Intercoms
  • Speed Radar IntegrationSpeed Radar

    Speed Radar Integration

For security personnel, we offer a dedicated module accessible through a secure web interface under the community's IP address. This module is designed to reduce human error in data entry and provides detailed logs of all gate entries, including images stored for 12 months. This adds an extra layer of security and accountability. Our integration options include:


  • Admin


    Our admins have unique needs in order to be great community managers and keep their residents safe and satisfied. Goutru has created a customer solution that is modular and expandable based on admin and community preferences.

  • Resident


    Residents need easy, accessible, and reliable management systems to feel safe and have a seamless experience every time they come home. Our systems cater to resident needs by giving them their own user portal with extensive features.

  • Security


    Security guards are the key to providing safety within communities. Our systems have created a unique Guard oriented portal to make it easier for everyone to safely access, log, and report community engagements.

  • CCTV integration
  • License Plate Recognition (LPR)
  • ID scanners
  • QR code scanners
  • Auto Dialer
  • Pass printers
  • Tablet Module
  • Access Control
  • Radar Speed Enforcement
  • Virtual Guard Module

Our Modules

Our Administrator Module enables property managers to efficiently oversee units, residents, and manage access control. From this user-friendly interface, you can easily issue cards, stickers, and more