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Secure2ware Security Services

Secure2ware Security Services

Surveillance System Consultation & Design, Alarm System, Automation and Monitoring, Access Control System Low Voltage Cable Installation

Secure2ware is a veteran and frontline worker owned corporation specializing in Consultation, Sales, System Design and the installation of surveillance and alarm systems, access control and low voltage cabling.

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S2W Security Guard Services

S2W Security offers expert Security Guard Services for the State of Florida which include:

  • Patrolling and monitoring activities on property
  • Controlling entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and vehicles according to protocols
  • Monitoring surveillance cameras for disruptions and unlawful activities
  • Providing detailed Real Time Reports on daily activities and incidents to management Read More>>

We offer Security Guard Services To The Following Facilities

  • Heath Care Services

  • Retail Security

  • Properties

  • School Security

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