Doing Business With Other People Or Organizations

Author: Secure2Ware |

In the security industry, there are a variety of business relationships that are developed with other companies and organizations, including suppliers and contracted personnel. It is important that when interacting with outside individuals, whether you are selling or buying, to keep lawful and ethical behavior and support the company’s reputation as a fair-dealing company.

Suppliers competing for the organization’s business must have confidence in the fairness of your selection process; it’s the only way to ensure that you’ll get honest bids from the best competitors.

If you participate in supplier selection, you must have an impartial approach and documented procedures. Keep pricing and any other information submitted by suppliers, confidential. Do not use any information about suppliers outside of your own company without written permission from management. Regardless of whether you are actually in a position to influence decisions about suppliers, you must not exert (or attempt to exert) influence to get “special treatment” for anyone. Even to appear to do so can undermine the company’s integrity.