Conduct Standards And Code Of Ethics

Author: Secure2Ware |

S2W Security Training & Safe & Secure, believe that high ethical standards are the foundation of a successful business. Customer loyalty and respect from the communities in which we work stem from our reputation as a fair and honest company. We have the utmost confidence in the values and ethics of our employees and representatives of the SNS.

Having said this, the complex industry and competitive environment in which all of us work can sometimes present situations that raise uncertainty as to the appropriate actions that should be taken. We recommend that every company publish an Ethics Policy that is designed to both inform and educate employees and to prepare them with the appropriate response in challenging situations.

As individuals working within an organization, we each play a vital role in upholding our reputation for integrity and the company’s ethics policy. Although a company’s ethics and principles should remain constant, the environment and the situation in which they are applied are fluid. An Ethics Policy cannot anticipate every ethical question that may arise, and it does not substitute for sound judgment on the part of the individual. However, possessing the qualities of enduring honesty, integrity, and good faith will help safeguard the company’s reputation for ethical business practices. An Ethics Policy covers three overarching topics:

  • Personal conduct and protection of Company assets
  • Doing business with other people and organizations
  • Conflicts of interest and other considerations that may arise outside of work