Customer Relations

Author: Secure2Ware |

A long and fruitful customer relationship is one of an organization’s most valued assets. In dealing with customers, you must preserve those assets by dealing in good faith at all times, by representing your products and services, making comparisons fairly and without disparagement, and promising only what you can deliver.

The ultimate aim is the satisfaction of all customers, existing and new. Never sacrifice that long-term goal for a short-term gain. A transaction that offers an immediate benefit to S2W Security and SNS at the expense of customer happiness is never worth it. Do not disparage your competition. Should you possess non-public information about a competing company, you must refrain from using it to influence a customer, even if you believe the information to be true.

Sometimes our customers or vendors may become our friends. It is normal to interact with friends in your business setting. In such cases, you must use good judgment to avoid the possibility that your friendship might be perceived as possessing an unfair advantage or creating undue influence. You must also take care that your personal activities relating to the customer or vendor excludes any exchange of obligations that could negatively affect your position.